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Anti-aging, the natural way

FROM THE HEART By Gina Lopez (The Philippine Star) A few months ago I put out an article on Florida. One of the people that enthusiastically e-mailed me was a doctor Cris Enriquez. He was elated because the picture of Florida that we ran had a view of a condominium in which he lived. He also […]

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Dr. Cris Talks About Stress

Your journey towards health and long life begins now. The best of traditional medicine and the most innovative practices of alternative and complementary medicine come together...

Our Experts

Our Founders

Doctors Cris and Linda Enriquez, the founders of the Rapha Health Institute, trained in the most prestigious institutions and universities both here in the Philippines and in the United States of America, including Yale University, Hospital of St. Raphael, Baylor University Medical Center of Texas, and the University of Miami in Florida. They are both board-certified in the U.S. and after practicing in America for over 40 years, they are back in the Philippines to spread the gospel of good health and long life.

Dr. Cris C. Enriquez, M.D., FAAC

Cris C. Enriquez, M.D., FAAC

Dr. Cris C. Enriquez is recognized as the only medical doctor in the world who is trained in and practices four different medical specialties: (1) Cardiology; (2) Internal Medicine; (3) Pulmonary Medicine; and (4) Radiology. His medical practice is Bible-based and integrates western traditional medicine with anti-aging, longevity, preventive, and lifestyle medicine.

Dr. Cris is the recipient of the Recognition Awards given by the American Medical Association. He is the co-founder and medical director of the Rapha Health Institute, which advocates a Christ-centered medical practice that combines western traditional medicine with alternative and complementary medicine. He is also the best-selling author of “The Healthy Life,” “We Don’t Die, We Kill Ourselves,” “Safe Sex Works,” and “Filipinos are Rich.”
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Dr. Linda B. Enriquez, M.D.

Linda B. Enriquez, M.D.

Dr. Linda Enriquez has long been a proponent of good health, longevity, and prosperity. As an expert in Biblical Health, she is passionate about keeping the immune system healthy to prevent and reverse diseases. She believes that at the heart of a healthy life is knowing that people are triune beings: with spirit, soul, and physical body.

The former Chief of Radiology at the Larking Hospital in Miami, Florida, Dr. Linda studied medicine at the University of the Philippines and a former Professor at Yale University, School of Medicine in New Haven, Connecticut.

She is also an expert in Anti-Aging Medicine especially in Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy and alternative therapies for cancer.



Nurses Pool

  • Joan Banaay, RN (Head Nurse)
    Joan Banaay, RN (Head Nurse)
  • Lovella Taguiam, RN
    Lovella Taguiam, RN
  • Juvy Marfil, RN
    Juvy Marfil, RN


Administrative Pool

    • Ma. Teresa Peñera - Operations Manager
      Ma. Teresa S. Peñera
      Operations Manager
    • Jeanette Blas - Human Resource Officer
      Jeanette Blas
      Human Resource Officer


  • Ma Cielo Del Rosario, RN -Cashier
    Ma. Cielo C. Del Rosario, RN
    Administrative Officer / Cashier – SM Masinag Branch
  • Rideth Sibug - Receptionist
    Rideth F. Sibug
  • Corazon Melgar - Nurse's Assistant
    Corazon B. Melgar
    Nurse’s Assistant
  • Pedreto P. Caputol - Messenger/Driver
    Pedreto P. Caputol



  • Jennifer Viernes
    Jennifer Myra G. Viernes, RPh
  • Joanna Marie Munsod
    Joanna Marie D. Munsod, RPh
  • Yanga, Ruth - Chemist
    Ruth O. Yanga
    Reaserch and Development
    / Chemist


ALCAT Laboratory

  • Rachel Ann L.  Enmel, RN - Laboratory Nurse (ALCAT)
    Rachel Ann L. Enmel, RN
    Laboratory Nurse (ALCAT)
  • Rhea Gruzo, RN RM - Laboratory Nurse (ALCAT)
    Rhea Gruzo, RN RM
    Laboratory Nurse (ALCAT)


Franchising and Marketing

  • Christine Alcala - Marketing /Franchising Officer
    Christine A. Alcala
    Marketing /Franchising Officer
  • Jed Arboleda - Business Consultant
    Jed Arboleda
    Business Consultant



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